Why Build A Timber Frame House?

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Timber Frame Homes

Building a timber frame home has many distinct advantages over more conventional building methods. Below are just a few of the many bonuses.

Original article was posted here: http://midwesttimberframes.com/faqs/

1.  What does timber framing cost?   Typically, timber framing will run 20% to 30% more than conventional framing.

2.  Why choose timber framing instead of conventional framing?  Timber frames are very strong, unique, aesthetically pleasing, and awesome to behold.  Enclosed with a panelized system, they are extremely energy efficient as well.  Open spaces and vaulted ceilings are easily accomplished. Timber frames can be adapted to many floor plans.

3.  What timber species are available?  We typically frame with oak; however, other woods are available and can be used.

4.  How will the exterior of my timber frame be finished?  Your choice of a variety of exterior finishes may be used, including maintenance-free if you desire.

5.  What are my framing options?  At Midwest Custom Timber Frames, we frame with a top plate system which provides greater flexibility for design than with a bent system.  It allows us to define areas with timbers.  Typically, we include timber framed staircases for two-story structures.

6.  How will my timbers be finished?  The timbers are planed and a tung oil finish is applied.  After the frame is enclosed, the owner may apply a final finish coat if desired.

7.  What type of foundation can a timber frame be built on?  Your choice of slab, crawlspace, basement, or a combination.

8.  Are plumbing and HVAC difficult to install in a timber frame?  No, but consideration of these should be discussed during the design phase.

9.  Is electrical wiring difficult to install in the stress skin panel enclosure system?  No.  The panels will come with a wire chase at receptacle height.  Exterior wall switches, receptacles and light fixture location planning should be complete prior to panel installation.  It will be necessary for an electrician to be on-site one panel installation begins.

10.  How will my timber frame be enclosed?  Typically we use stress-skin panels to enclose and insulate.  Panels enclose your frame while leaving timbers exposed on the interior.

11.  What size will the framing timbers be? We typically use 8×8 rafters, 8×8 and 8×10 floor beams, 6×8 joists, 5×7 purlins, and 4×6 braces.  A 3×6 is usually the smallest component we use.  Compare our sizdes to other companies.  For long spans or heavy loads, timber sizes will increase.

12.  Are there any completed projects we can tour?  Yes.  We are proud to show our work! In Missouri, our joinery shop and storage barn are both timber framed, displaying many different types of joinery.  There are also other completed homes and projects we can show you.



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